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What is the following symbol? %
a) asterisk
b) ampersand
c) percent
d) dollar sign

What 3 symbols are used? :-*
a) semi colon, hyphen, asterisk
b) colon, dash, ampersand
c) colon, hyphen, asterisk
d) semi colon, dash, ampersand

What is the rule spacing for a colon?
a) None before, twice after.
b) Once before, once after.
c) None before, once after.
d) One before, twice after.

Which is shorter, the hyphen or dash?
a) Hyphen
b) Dash
c) They are the same size
d) Can't compare

A ________ is a form of communication using the characters on the keyboard, symbolizing an emotion or feeling.
a) Symbol
b) Punctuation mark
c) Emoticon
d) Asterisk

* is called the
a) asterisk
b) and
c) quotation
d) ampersand

Are the spacing rules for the period, question mark and exclamation the same?
a) No
b) Yes
c) Sometimes
d) All but the exclamation.

To select a symbol or some punctuation, you must
a) select shift with the same hand
b) select caps lock
c) select shift with the opposite hand
d) do nothing

What are my home row keys from left to right?
a) asdf jkl;
b) ;lkj fdsa
c) jkl; fdsa
d) fdjk sal;

What is the spacing rule for a period and comma?
a) One space before, one space after.
b) One space before, no space after.
c) No space before, one space after.
d) No space before, no space after.

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