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The enter key is controlled by the
a) left thumb
b) left little finger
c) right thumb
d) right little finger

The t key is struck by the
a) left index finger
b) left middle finger
c) left ring finger
d) left pinky finger

After a semicolon within a line, space
a) zero times
b) one time
c) two times
d) three times

The 0 key on the numeric keypad is struck by the
a) right index finger
b) right middle finger
c) right ring finger
d) right thumb finger

Which punctuation mark follows the word in the memo heading?
a) semi-colon
b) colon
c) comma
d) slash

The business owner hand wrote a letter that was given to his secretary to key using word processing software. What should be included on the letter?
a) enclosure
b) copy
c) attachment
d) typist initials

What is the line spacing after side headings?
a) single
b) double
c) triple
d) quadruple

How should the main title be keyed in a table?
a) all capital letters, bold, and centered
b) initial capital letters, bold and centered
c) all lower case letters, bold, and left aligned
d) initial capital letters, underlined, right aligned

When a person is keying copy, the hands & arms should
a) move forward and back as each key is struck
b) move from side to side as each key is struck
c) remain relatively stationary as each key is struck
d) be raised and lowered as each key is struck

The g key and the b key are struck by the
a) left index finger
b) left middle finger
c) left ring finger
d) left pinky finger

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