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An area on the Earth near the equator where there is very little horizontal motion so the winds are very weak
a) the trade winds
b) the doldrums
c) the horse latitudes
d) the prevailing westerlies

The winds that blow toward the equator are called the
a) trade winds
b) prevailing westerlies
c) polar easterlies
d) horse latitudes

The winds that blow from the west to the east are called
a) trade winds
b) horse latitudes
c) polar easterlies
d) prevailing westerlies

Winds that blow down from the poles and then west are called
a) trade winds
b) polar easterlies
c) prevailing westerlies
d) horse latitudes

High speed winds that blow 10 kilometers above Earth's surface
a) jet streams
b) horse latitudes
c) trade winds
d) plar easterlies

The movement of water between the atmosphere and Earth's surface is
a) the horse latitudes
b) evaporation
c) the water cycle
d) relative humidity

Ther percentage of water vapor that is actually in the air compared to the maximum amount of water vapor the air can hold is
a) evaporation
b) relative humidity
c) water cycle
d) dew point

Relavie humidity can be measured with an instrument called a
a) psychrometer
b) barometer
c) thermometer
d) anemometer

Any form of water that falls from clouds and reaches Earth's surface is called
a) water cycle
b) evaporation
c) humidity
d) precipitation

Long periods of unusually low precipitation are called
a) droughts
b) precipitation
c) humidity
d) evaporation

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