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Bacon being fried in a pan on the stove burner is an example of which form of thermal energy?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) refraction

What is the energy of moving particles that produces heat?
a) mechanical energy
b) thermal energy
c) electrical energy
d) sound energy

Which of the following statements is true about how scientists validate theories?
a) Scientists validate theories by discussing their weaknesses
b) Scientists validate theories by publishing a book.
c) Scientists validate theories by purchasing materials
d) Scientists validate theories by repeated investigations.

Light travelling through a pair of eyeglasses is:
a) refracted
b) reflected
c) bounces back
d) absorbed

Which of these is a poor conductor of heat?
a) metal railing
b) steel pan
c) curling iron
d) oven mitt

Sound is made when a drumstick hits the drum. This happens because the force of the drumstick on the drum causes –
a) vibration
b) electrical currents
c) heat energy
d) a magnetic charge

Matter can undergo changes. When water boils, a –
a) liquid becomes a solid
b) solid becomes a liquid
c) liquid becomes a gas
d) gas becomes a liquid

A student wants to find out how much faster water heats up when it is in a copper pot than when it is in a steel pot. Which set of tools will be most useful for this investigation?
a) hot plate, camera, hand lens
b) thermometer, hot plate, stopwatch
c) ruler, microscope, camera
d) thermometer, hand lens, compass

In which container will water evaporate most quickly?
a) a container that is 5 degrees Celcius
b) a container that is 20 degrees Celcius
c) a container that is 28 degrees Celcius
d) a container that is 12 degrees Celcius

Blowing through a pipe can produce a sound because the –
a) pipe speeds up the air
b) pipe cools the air
c) air in the pipe vibrates
d) air is absorbed by the air

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