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Making political contributions, lobbying government, and identifying issues describe how...?
a) Interest groups influence public policy
b) Media influences pubic policy
c) How official influence public policy
d) How to get elected to office

How are individuals who write letters to their Congressmen influencing public policy?
a) Expressing their opinions
b) Making a contribution
c) Influencing laws
d) Being informed

A group of people who share similar points of view and join together to promote that view is...?
a) An interest group
b) Mass Media
c) Public agenda
d) Public opinion

Local governments preparing a response for an international health crisis would most likely...?
a) Develop a public safety plan for the city
b) End visits by international travelers
c) Shut down international airline flights
d) Ask the military to police the city

Which headline best demonstrates the impact of international issues on local governments?
a) Police Arrest Man for Drug Possession
b) Local Taxes Raised to Pay for New School
c) Health Department Offers Flu Shots After Global Epidemic
d) New Traffic Pattern on Interstate Impacts Commuters

If there was an outbreak of the Swine Flu in the U.S, which local agency would most likely be responsible for vaccinating its citizens?
a) Health Department
b) Sheriff's Department
c) Attorney General's Office
d) Fire Department

All of the following are international issues that may require policy decisions by local governments EXCEPT?
a) religious movements
b) public health concerns
c) public safety
d) policies to protect the environment

Local police use the power of the Patriot Act to gather information on possible terrorists. This demonstrates...?
a) an impact on public safety at the local level
b) public health concerns
c) policies to protect both local citizens and wildlife
d) economic policies to stop terrorism on a global level

The federal government has passed several laws aimed at protecting the environment. Which action by local government would best support the federal laws?
a) Creating more landfills within the county
b) Ending garbage collection services
c) Implementing a curbside recycling program
d) Decreasing the number of recycling facilities

Which of the following best demonstrates the media focusing public attention on a specific issue?
a) The local news station runs a week long story about the conditions of schools throughout the state
b) A debate is being held between the Republican candidates seeking the nomination for presidency
c) The governor is interviewed about his involvement in a case of fraud
d) A press conference is held to question the President on the removal of troops from Iraq

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