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Joan Smith is a retired Congresswoman who now works to influence legislators to vote for bills that would benefit the National Dairy Council. Joan Smith is most likely a?
a) Lobbyist
b) Judge
c) Magistrate
d) Journalist

In the last election, Tamara Goldstein voted for a candidate who shares her views on maintaining a clean environment. Tamara's action shows one way she...?
a) Can influence public policy
b) Can be a lobbyist
c) Fulfills the duties of citizenship
d) Registers to vote

The group, Mothers Against Drunken Drivers, made a campaign contribution to a candidate who supported stiff penalties for drunken drivers. This shows how...?
a) Interest groups influence public policy
b) The TV influences public policy
c) The media influences public policy
d) The President influences public policy

All of the following are international issues and events that would require public policy decisions except
a) potholes in the street as a result of excess snow
b) public health concerns during a pandemic
c) public safety concerns in the event of terrorism acts
d) policies to protect the environment

Focusing public attention on selected issues, offering a forum where opposing viewpoints are heard, and holding government officials accountable are...?
a) Ways the media sets the public agenda
b) Ways Amendments are ratified
c) How to combat terrorism
d) How to protect the environment

What is the media doing when it informs the public about the wrongdoings and mistakes of government?
a) Lobbying fo an interest group
b) Contributing to a campaign
c) Voting
d) Holding government accountable

Which of the following demonstrates the media offering a forum for opposing viewpoints?
a) A news story focuses on a local school's plan for improving test scores
b) A headline about a government official's mishandling of state funds
c) A debate is held between the candidates running for governor
d) A press conference on a controversial decision made by the governor

The media influences public policy in all of the following ways EXCEPT?
a) Telling people who to vote for
b) Focusing attention on selected issues
c) Broadcasting opposing viewpoints
d) Broadcasting candidate voting records

What do you call a group of people who work to get Congress to pass laws to support their interests?
a) Lobbyists
b) Constituents
c) The public
d) PAC

How are individuals who campaign for candidates influencing public policy?
a) Participating in politics
b) Lobbying
c) Being informed
d) Identifying issues

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