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Review Of 7th Grade Stems.[print questions]

The root meter means
a) look
b) rhythm
c) beat
d) measure

The root ec/eco means
a) house/habitat
b) home/origin
c) original/study
d) look/general

The root poly means
a) all
b) some
c) many
d) none

The root zo/zoa means
a) zoo
b) zero
c) animal
d) annuals

The root proto means
a) last
b) middle
c) inbetween
d) first

The root mono means
a) one
b) same
c) seventeen
d) many

The TELESCOPE was over two CENTIMETERS long. Find the roots meaning
a) home/habitat
b) people/look
c) look/measure
d) believe/ sleep

The DEMOCRATS met for a long time discussing the ECONOMY. Find the root meanings
a) people/ house
b) peope/ home/habitat
c) house/ look
d) look/ meter

When you recite a MONOLOGUE it is helpful not to be MONOTONE. Find the root meaning.
a) many
b) one
c) same
d) different

We studied PHYTOPLANKTON in BIOLOGY today. Find the root meanings.
a) study/learn
b) mother/ same
c) one/many
d) plant/ study of

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