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the process that moves sediment from one place to another
a) weathering
b) transfer
c) luster
d) erosion

a type of rock formed by the combination of heat and pressure
a) igneous
b) sedimorpheous
c) sedimentary
d) metamorphic

this term describes a mineral's ability to resist being scratched
a) color
b) hardness
c) streak
d) luster

a type of rock that forms when lava cools and hardens
a) metamorphic
b) sedimentary
c) igneous
d) sedimorphic

tiny particles of rock that have been broken off of bigger rocks by weathering
a) fragments
b) sediment
c) boulders
d) slabs

a type of rock formed by layers that were squeezed together by pressure
a) metamorphic
b) ignimentary
c) sedimentary
d) igneous

term used to describe how shiny or dull a mineral is
a) luster
b) color
c) streak
d) hardness

the natural process that breaks rocks down into sediment
a) magma
b) weathering
c) erosion
d) hammering

mark left behind when a mineral is rubbed across a streak plate
a) color
b) streak
c) hardness
d) luster

the entire process by which rocks are broken down and re-formed
a) the water cycle
b) the magma cycle
c) the rock cycle
d) the bicycle

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