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What is Binary Code?
a) Letter, number, or punctuation mark
b) Letters only
c) On and Off Codes
d) Code System of 0s and 1s

Which two symbols are in the Binary Code?
a) # and &
b) 2s and 0s
c) 0s and 1s
d) & and @

Bi means what in the word Binary?
a) All Numbers
b) One
c) Zero
d) Two

Computer is made up of millions of electric switches called:
a) Reactors
b) VGA
d) Transistors

What code do people use?
a) Body Language
b) Texting
c) Email

Pixals display combinations of color called?
b) VGA
c) Binary
d) Code

VGA translates binary information into:
a) Color Combinations
b) Number
c) Letters
d) Black and White

What is each 0 or 1 called?
a) Byte
b) Digit
c) Bit
d) Number

ASCII is what type of code?
a) Bits in 0s and 1s
b) All Numbers
c) 8-bit Code
d) VGA

The 8-bits are used to represent what?
a) 0s, 1s, and 2s
b) All Numbers
c) Only Letters
d) Letter, number, and punctuation

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