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The ANTIBIOTIC my mother gave me helped clear up my cough. What does the root mean?
a) above
b) around
c) against
d) also

I had to take a MICROCHIP over to the MACROECONOMICS lab. Find the root meanings.
a) tall/ long
b) big/little
c) small/large
d) over/under

My MATERNAL grandmother needed help EXTERMINATING the ants in her kitchen. Find the root meanings.
a) mother/ out
b) in/ out
c) father/ in
d) out/ mother

The GENOCIDE in Africa does not give me a feeling of EUPHORIA. Find the root meaning.
a) sad/ happy/ ecstatic
b) kill/ good/pleasing
c) live/grateful
d) believe/ sea/sleeping

The MUTATIONS that Wolverine has in X-Men remain DORMANT unless he feels threatened. Find the root meanings.
a) change/ sleeping/empty
b) modify/restless
c) sleeping/ empty
d) dormant/ all

The root demo means
a) skin
b) people
c) demo
d) crash

The root logy means
a) lodging
b) learning
c) study of
d) situation

The root phyt means
a) fit
b) plant
c) fight
d) pour

The root gen means
a) beginning
b) birth/origin
c) good/pleasing
d) original

The root scope means
a) look
b) wide
c) expanse
d) rinse

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