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Name the process where water and carbon dioxide are converted into glucose and oxygen
a) Photosynthesis
b) Respiration
c) Combustion
d) Fermentation

Which gas is produced during photosynthesis?
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Nitrogen
d) Hydrogen

Carbohydrates are made of which elements?
a) Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
b) Carbon and hydrogen only
c) Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen
d) Carbon, oxygen and helium

Compounds with the same molecular formulae but different structures are know as what?
a) Isomers
b) Isotopes
c) Isobars
d) Polysaccharides

Which of the following compounds is an isomer of glucose?
a) Fructose
b) Maltose
c) Lactose
d) Cellulose

What is the test for the presence of starch?
a) It changes iodine from brown to blue-black
b) It changes iodine from brown to brick red
c) It changes Benedict's reagent from blue to black
d) It changes Benedict's reagent from blue to brick red

During fermentation glucose is broken down to form alcohol and which other substance?
a) Carbon dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) Yeast
d) Sucrose

Why can fermentation not produce alcohols with a concentration higher than around 15%
a) Above 15% the enzymes in yeast are denatured
b) Above 15% the yeast decomposes
c) Above 15% the alcohol changes into vodka
d) It is impossible to have a concentration of alcohol higher than 15%

Starch is an example of which type of carbohydrate?
a) Polysaccharide
b) Monosaccharide
c) Disaccaharide
d) Sugar

The reaction which provides our body with energy is called...
a) Respiration
b) Photosynthesis
c) Combustion
d) Fermentation

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