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The root mater/matri means
a) father
b) son
c) mother
d) daughter

The root pater/patri means
a) father
b) son
c) mother
d) daughter

The root cide means
a) dead
b) kill
c) murder
d) wound

The root corp/corpus means
a) army
b) organized
c) body
d) soldier

The root cred means
a) believe
b) amaze
c) surprose
d) astound

The root frater means
a) father
b) mother
c) brother
d) daughter

The Civil War LIBERATED the slaves. What does the root in the capitalized word mean?
a) tongue
b) speak
c) free
d) drink

We had to VERIFY that the MUTINY took place. Find the root meanings
a) truth/.change
b) free/father
c) all/ kill
d) believe/ mother

They say that God is OMNIPOTENT. What does the root in this word mean?
a) awesome
b) amazing
c) everywhere
d) beside us

The young MARINES rested in their DORMOTORY. What do the roots mean?
a) true/ free
b) mother/ daughter
c) body/ change
d) sea/ sleeping /empty

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