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The function of a plant root is to
a) make food for the plant
c) absorb water and minerals
d) get rid of waste products

tiny openings on the end of plant leaves are called
a) stomata
c) air space
d) tenticles

Prairie plants that live in dry climates and have large, underground root systems. How does this help them?
a) The roots cool the plants off when they overheat.
c) The roots provide more surface area for the water absorption.
d) roots help take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

What vascular tissue transports water and dissolved minerals from the roots to the stems and leaves of a plant?
a) Rhizoid
c) Xylem
d) Cambium

The main job of plant leaves is to:
a) make food for the plant through photosynthesis
c) help in the process of reproduction
d) keep the plant cool by making shade

What is a function of stems and trunks?
a) To anchor the plant in its environment
c) To support the leaves and reproductive parts
d) To produce new offspring

What is the reproductive structure labeled that pollen travels down?
a) Embryo
c) pollen tube
d) pollen grane

What type of reproduction strategy is used by a flower?
a) pollination
c) fragmentation
d) conjugation

What is the correct term that describes the tendency of a plant to grow towards light?
a) gravitropism
c) phototropism
d) hydrotropism

When a fly lands on a leaf of a Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula), the leaf closes. This is an example of -
a) thigmotropism
c) phototropism
d) hydrotropism

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