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Which time period was called the "cradle of democracy"?
a) Classical Europe
b) Medieval Europe
c) Modern Times
d) All of the above

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were ________
a) Renaissance artists
b) Medieval knights
c) Greek philosophers
d) Roman emperors

What does democracy mean?
a) A type of government in which the king and queen are in control
b) A type of government in which the people can vote for their rulers
c) A type of government in which the people are not allowed to vote for their rulers
d) A type of government in which the emperor is in charge

In Medieval Europe, the government was based on agriculture and called ___
a) feudalism
b) democracy
c) dictatorship
d) communism

Christianity was a major power in Western Europe during which time period
a) Classical Europe
b) Medieval Europe
c) Modern Europe
d) The Pax Romana

Which is the correct order (from highest to lowest) of the classes of people during Medieval Europe?
a) lord, vassal, serf, tenant
b) lord, serf, vassal, tenant
c) vassal, lord, tenant, serf
d) lord, vassal, tenant, serf

Books became more numerous and less expensive because of the invention of ___
a) the typewriter
b) printing
c) movable type
d) ink

Protestants were protesting
a) teachings of the Catholic Church
b) lack of religious freedom
c) rule of kings
d) teachings of Martin Luther

European explorers and settlers distributed people, diseases, and ideas around the world in a process called
a) the Renaissance
b) the Columbian Exchange
c) the Protestant Reformation
d) the Crusades

A time when there was renewed interest in education, arts, and science was called the ____
a) Pax Romana
b) Middle Ages
c) Renaissance
d) Protestant Reformation

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