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Which body of water forms part of the United States boundary with Mexico?
a) Rio Grande
b) Atlantic
c) Colorado River
d) Columbia River

Which state was known as a border state during the Civil War?
a) Illinois
b) Kentucky
c) New York
d) North Carolina

Which action was part of the Union plan during the Civil War?
a) supporting the Underground Railroad?
b) blocking Southern ports
c) securing territory in the Rocky Mountains
d) ending a partnership with Canada

Complete the following comparison-- Buffalo is to Lakota as WHAT is to Inuit?
a) corn
b) seal
c) cattle
d) squash

Which of the following is a human resource?
a) fish
b) canoes
c) fishing tools
d) fishing skills

Which would most likely be found in the Mid-Atlantic colonies?
a) plantation farming
b) shipbuilding industries
c) market towns
d) gold mining

In what part of Africa is Ghana?
a) Northern
b) Western
c) Central
d) Eastern

Which of the following is a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
a) no common currency
b) no national legislature
c) no political parties
d) no states rights

According to the Declaration of Independence, government receives its power from the-
a) judiciary
b) legislature
c) military
d) people

Manifest Destiny was the belief that the United States should-
a) expand for the good of the country
b) create a national court system
c) become independent from Great Britain
d) increase immigration of Europe

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