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One subject of conflict between settlers and American Indians was the —
a) exchange of food
b) ownership of land
c) style of farming techniques
d) number of trading posts

the Loyal Subjects of King James...having undertaken for the Glory of God, and the advancement of the the Christian Faith -MAYFLOWER COMPACT. This was written by colonists of-
a) Georgia
b) Roanoke Island
c) North Carolina
d) Plymouth

The recovery and analysis of evidence from the past are most important in the study of —
a) psychology
b) sociology
c) archaeology
d) biology

Navigational Tools were used to-
a) improve military weapons
b) aid African agriculture
c) find natural resources
d) aid European exploration

What was one reason that Europeans explored?
a) to learn new languages
b) to avoid religious persecution
c) to spread religion
d) to cure diseases

Which kind of work did most women do in colonial America?
a) sold furniture and clothes
b) cared for people and houses
c) taught in schools and colleges
d) served in hospitals and nurseries

Which colonial goods were usually exchanged for manufactured goods from England?
a) Gold
b) Slave Labor
c) Crafts
d) Raw Materials

How did the Proclamation of 1763 affect the British colonists?
a) it limited the western movement of settlers
b) it led to an increase in fur trading
c) it prevented trade with American Indians
d) it led to the French and Indian War

Which individual was the Commander of the Continental Army?
a) Patrick Henry
b) George Washington
c) Lord Cornwallis
d) Benjamin Franklin

Which individual helped gain French support for American independence?
a) Benjamin Franklin
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Patrick Henry
d) Paul Revere

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