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Which of the following is not true about minerals?
a) They are made of rocks.
b) They have specific characteristics like hardness.
c) They are all the same throughout.
d) They are inorganic.

A compaction of minerals is known as
a) rock
b) sediments
c) element
d) diamond

The hardness of minerals is measured on
a) Mohs hardness scale
b) Miss S. hardess scale
c) The Richter Scale
d) The Fujita Scale

Which of the following is not a good characteristic to use to determine a type of mineral?
a) shape
b) hardness
c) luster
d) color

Which characteristic refers to the how shiny or dull something is?
a) luster
b) color
c) streak
d) hardness

Which of the following is a mineral?
a) diamond
b) igneous rock
c) cement
d) pearl

You could tell the difference between gold and pyrite (fool's gold) by using which of these?
a) all of them
b) hardness
c) density or specific gravity
d) looking at crystal structure

Which of the following is true about minerals?
a) They are naturally occurring.
b) They are made by humans.
c) They are made of lots of different things.
d) They are all the same hardness.

Which term describes how much light can pass through a mineral?
a) transparency
b) luster
c) color
d) hardness

What is the hardest known mineral?
a) diamond
b) quartz
c) sulfur
d) pyrite

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