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a) fox
b) snake
c) grass
d) grasshoper

a) 600
b) 300
c) 400
d) 500

a) point A
b) point D
c) point C
d) point B

a) surface runoff
b) precipitation
c) condensation
d) transpiration

a) Student X exposed the plants to varying sunlight
b) Student Y potted the plants in the same type of soil
c) Student Y covered half the plants with mesh cloth
d) Student X used an equal number of plants

a) Wind comes from atmospheric conditions that are available indefinitely
b) Wind provides only a very small amount of electricity to the United States
c) Wind turns the blades of a windmill that creates electricity
d) Wind does not cause destruction of the environment

a) The environmennt of the deep sea has changed little over millions of years
b) The oceans have been continuously repopulated by freshwater species over millions of years
c) The oceans have completely dried up multiple times during the past 400 million years
d) The amount of salt in the deep sea has varied greatly over millions of years

a) Mechanical energy from the turbine is converted to electric energy in the generator
b) Chemical energy from the generator is converted to electric energy in the power lines
c) Electric energy from the generator is converted to chemical energy in the power lines
d) Nuclear energy of the steam is converted to thermal energy of the turbine

a) The mass remains the same as the ice melts and then evaporates
b) The mass increases as the water vapor condenses into small droplets on the glass
c) The mass increases as the gases inside the box absorb energy and expand
d) The mass decreases because the ice melted into a liquid

What is the role of mitochondrion in cells?
a) It breaks down sugar to release energy
b) It controls all functions of the cell
c) It transports water throughout the cell
d) It converts sunlight to energy

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