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Which of the following statements would be the best hypothesis for an investigation studying weather systems?
a) If the air pressure rises, then it is more likely to rain.
b) Why do plants need water to grow?
c) How do birds know how to fly south in the winter?
d) Crickets chirp more often when it rains.

Which of the following is a necessary characteristic of a valid scientific hypothesis?
a) The hypothesis must be testable.
b) The hypothesis must be a new idea.
c) The hypothesis must include an opinion.
d) The hypothesis must be correct

A scientist studying lizards observes that they run faster on the day he feeds the lizards vitamins with meals. What hypothesis could explain why the lizards are performing better?
a) Vitamins give the lizards more energy
b) Lizards like the taste of vitamins
c) Lizards should only eat vitamins, not food.
d) Vitamins make the lizards tired.

Jaden is doing an experiment to find out if plants grow taller when given plain water or sugar water.To make sure his experiment is a fair test, Jaden should
a) treat both groups of plants the same except for the amount of sugar in the water.
b) give the sugar water plants twice as much water as the plain water plants.
c) put some plants in a warm, sunny spot and put the others in the shade.
d) use one kind of plant for the sugar water group and a different kind for the plain water group.

Valerie hypothesizes that frogs lay more eggs in warm water than in cold water. When Valerie designs her experiment, what should be the only variable that changes?
a) water temperature
b) time of year
c) water flow rates
d) frog species

Joanne is using the following tool to record temperature data. Which tool and unit of measure is Joanne using to collect data?
a) A thermometer in degrees
b) A balance in grams
c) A ruler in centimeters
d) A rain gauge in millimeters

An environmental group needs a plan to handle a population of rabbits that is eating endangered plants in the area. Which plan will prevent the loss of both the plants and rabbit?
a) Trap and relocate the rabbits.
b) Remove the endangered plants.
c) Introduce wolves into the area.
d) Put poison around each plant.

Forecasts about what may happen in future situations are
a) predictions
b) observation
c) conclusions
d) inferences

Conclusions based on evidence about events that have already occurred are
a) inferences
b) observation
c) prediction
d) hypotheses

Final judgments based on facts gathered during experiments are
a) conclusions
b) predictions
c) obervations
d) inferences

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