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Creon's despiration and fury are most clearly evident in his order that
a) Ismene must die along with Antigone
b) Antigone be killed in from of Haemon
c) Haemon forgot his betrothal to Antigone
d) Only one brother's body is to be left unburied

Haemon's main purpose in talking with his father is to
a) Declare his loyalty to Creon
b) Help Creon understand the people of Thebes
c) Persuade Creon to spare Antigone's life
d) Praise Creon's wisdom and good judgement

When facing Creon, Ismene begs to be
a) allowed to go free
b) Put to death alongside her sister
c) forgiven for betraying her sister
d) buried with Eteocles

As the play begins, Creon has issued an order to
a) Break his son's engagement to Antigone
b) Leave Polynices unburied
c) Put Antigone to death
d) Arrest Antigone and Ismene

What is the most important factor in Antigone's decision to bury Polynecies??
a) Fear of the gods
b) Stubborn Pride
c) Hatred of her Uncle
d) family tradition

Who is the antagonist in this play?
a) Antigone
b) Creon
c) Haemon
d) Ismene

Ismene's refusal to bury her brother reflects her
a) Selfish indifference
b) Fear of breaking the law
c) dislike of Polyneices
d) Desire to oppose her sister

Polyneices and Eteocles died while
a) fighting a battle against each other
b) Robbing the alter of Zeus
c) Defending thier beloved city of Thebes
d) Attack their ambitious uncle, Creon

Eteocles and Polynecies are
a) sons of Creon
b) Nephews of Teiresias
c) Greek Gods
d) Brothers of Antigone

How does Creon first learn of Antigone's crime against the state?
a) The Chorus leads Creon to the burial site
b) Antigone confesses her crime to him
c) The Sentry catches her burying Polyneises
d) Ismene betrays her sister

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