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Why are natural resources important for Australia’s economy?
a) Australia has natural resources that are not valuable to other countries.
b) People in Australia have been unable to get to their natural resources in order to trade.
c) There are too many natural resources in Australia for the businesses there to use them.
d) Australians can trade their natural resources to other countries for goods that they want and need.

Why must Australians exchange currency in order to trade with other countries?
a) Australian banks need the fees.
b) It ensures buyers and sellers are treated fairly.
c) Transporting goods to other countries is expensive.
d) Businesses in other countries do not use Australian dollars for money.

Which natural resource is important to Australia’s economy?
a) iron ore
b) modern factories
c) excellent highways
d) education of workers

Which was an effect of British settlement of Australia?
a) Aborigines remained in their homelands and were given honor.
b) The language of the Aborigines became the official language of Australia.
c) Thousands of Aborigines died of smallpox and other diseases.
d) Aborigines were elected to representative positions in the colonial government.

Why are most of Australia’s cities on the eastern and southeastern coast of the country?
a) The climate is more tolerable there than anywhere else in Australia.
b) The interior of Australia is impenetrable due to the Pyrenees Mountains.
c) Most cities in Australia are in the middle of the country, not along the coast.
d) The Outback is full of snowy mountains which discourage human habitation.

Which of the following is true about the geo-physical feature of Australia called The Great Barrier Reef?
a) All of these answers are correct
b) Because it is a popular place for surfing and scuba diving, it is an important part of Australia’
c) It is home to many different underwater plants and animals and is made up of the skeletons of tin
d) It is more than 1, 250 miles long and can be seen from outer space.

Which of the following officials (politicians) do the citizens of Australia directly elect?
a) Prime Minister
b) Monarch
c) Governor-general
d) Member of Parliament

Which of the following groups of people decide which products to produce and which services to offer for the economy of Australia?
a) Entrepreneurs
b) Governor-general and Monarch
c) Prime Minister and the Members of the Legislature
d) the Judicial branch

Which of the following countries colonized Australia?
a) U.S.A.
b) Vietnam
c) Great Britain
d) Venezuela

Hernan Cortes is to Mexico as James Cook is to
a) Maori
b) Silk Road
c) Ural Mountains
d) Australia

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