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While conducting an injury evaluation your patient has complaints of fatigue, and body acing, upon examination of his mouth you can see that his tongue is pale you suspect______ and recommend that he ______
a) Mononucleosis, see a physician
b) The flu, buy some cold medication
c) A vitamin C deficiency, pick up some additional vitamin c throughout the day
d) A Iron deficiency, get blood work

One of your athletes returns from their doctor’s visit with a blood test, the test concludes that they are deficient in Thiamine, which of the following foods you might recommend to aid them within recovery of this deficiency.
a) Lean pork, legumes, and yeast
b) Whole grains, beef, leafy greens
c) Leafy greens, starchy carbohydrates, nuts
d) Nuts, leafy greens, whole grains

What nutritional deficiency can be characterized by tongue papillary atrophy?
a) Boron
b) Calcium
c) Sulfur
d) Niacin

Summarize the NCAA policy regarding nutritional supplements
a) Athletes are not responsible for unknowingly ingesting a banned substance
b) Athletes are held responsible within the event that they get caught
c) Athletes are held responsible for whatever they might ingest
d) Athletes should report to the CDC website and be aware of all banned substances

A athlete enters your clinic with symptoms of cheilosis (vertical cracks in lips), dermatitis on the face with open lesions on the chest what type of deficiency might you infer?
a) Inadequate sources thiamine, choline as a result of insufficient amounts of lean meats and grains
b) Inadequate ascorbic acid as a result of insufficient amounts of leafy greens
c) Inadequate sources riboflavin and niacin as a result of insufficient amounts of leafy greens
d) Inadequate sources of biotin, pyridoxine as a result of insufficient amounts of lean meats and grains

What nutritional deficiency can be characterized by red conjunctivae?
a) Molybdenum
b) Pantothenic acid
c) Ascorbic acid
d) Riboflavin

Place in order of importance in regards to the body’s utilization of insulin and glucose for energy?
a) Glucose, glucose transporter, insulin, insulin receptor, glycogen, pyruvate
b) Glucose, glucose transporter, glycogen, insulin, insulin receptor, glycogen, pyruvate
c) Insulin, insulin receptor, glucose, glucose transporter, glycogen, pyruvate
d) Insulin, insulin receptor, glucose transporter, glucose, glycogen, pyruvate

What nutritional deficiency can be characterized by xerophthalmia?
a) Vitamin E
b) Vitamin D
c) Vitamin C
d) Vitamin A

An athletic team gathers for their pre-competition meal. _________ would resemble the best type of meal prior to athletic events.
a) Get as much fast digesting carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta to build glycogen stores
b) Get a good deal of fast digestive carbohydrates, with the addition of salt to insure that glycogen stores and electrolytes ar
c) Get a meal rich within omega 3 saturated fats, with a carbohydrate source that is a lower glycemic load, such as baked potato
d) Get a diet high in carbohydrates from lactose sources as the body can diets milk sources the most efficiently.

When evaluating a patients melanin you would use ________ method to asses for, this pathology would be a deficiency within ________ and is often seen as ________?
a) A urine test, Iron and sodium, Fatigue
b) A observational, copper and protein, change in hair color
c) A blood test, Selenium and manganese, Difficulty sleeping
d) A blood test, Thiamine and pantothenic acid, change in skin color

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