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Incomplete dominance happens because
a) each allele has its ond degree of influence
b) there are no alleles present
c) the alleles have no influence
d) no one really cared

This kind of plant produces offspring with the same traits as the parent.
a) ture-breeding
b) self-pollinating
c) cross-pollinating
d) selective breeding

Two forms of a gene, one from each parent, are called
a) alleles
b) genes
c) albinism
d) meiosis

Offspring that are different from both parents are produced by
a) sexual reproduction
b) asexual reproduction
c) something going wrong
d) mitosis

Which of these is an advantage of sexual reproduction?
a) It allows for genetic variation
b) Organisms don't need other organisms to reproduce
c) It does not allow for genetic variation
d) It allows for true-breeding

In the second generation these reappear after disappearing in the first generation
a) recessive traits
b) dominant traits
c) genotypes
d) alleles

An organism's ingerited alleles together form its
a) genotype
b) phenotype
c) pedigree
d) dominant traits

Males are more likely to have sex-linked disorders because they have
a) only one X chromosome
b) two Y chromosomes
c) two X chromosomes
d) one X and two Y chromosomes

What are the chromosomes that carry the same set of genes?
a) homologous chromosomes
b) twin chromosomes
c) asexual chromosomes
d) ordinary chromosomes

How are sex cells different from other human cells?
a) Sex cells have half as many chromosomes
b) Sex cells are larger
c) Sex cells have no chromosomes
d) Sex cells have twice as many chromosomes

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