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Which of the following tabs is not a chart tools contextual tab?
a) context
b) design
c) layout
d) format

which of the following chart tools tabs contain the option to switch the chart type and change the color scheme of the entire chart
a) design
b) layout
c) format

which of the following charts should be used to show how parts contribute to a whole
a) pie
b) line
c) bar
d) column

in order to add a new series to a chart (such as rebounds, points, or assists) you must delete the chart, select the new series, then make a new chart
a) false
b) true

which type of chart should you use to show movement of a series over time
a) line
b) bar
c) pie
d) area

which of the following is basically a mini - chart?
a) sparklines
b) conditional formatting
c) goal seek
d) sum function

which of the following is the best type of chart to use when comparing multiple series'?
a) column
b) pie
c) line
d) scatter

which contextual tab allows the user to make color, font, and effect changes to individual parts of a chart?
a) format
b) design
c) layout

what is the name of the cell in which the goal will be displayed in goal seek?
a) outcome cell
b) goal cell
c) destination cell
d) by changing cell

the outcome cell in a goal seek function always needs to contain a formula
a) true
b) false

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