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It is a long term relationship where a mentor guides the mentee's career.
a) Special Project Mentoring
b) Peer Mentoring
c) Leader Mentoring
d) Traditional Mentoring

Form of mentorship that usually takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience.
a) Mentor
b) Leader
c) Peer Mentoring
d) Mentoring

The following are the commonly used techniques among mentors, EXCEPT
a) Accompanying
b) Sewer
c) Harvesting
d) Catayzing

One of the relationship in 2 types of Mentoring
a) Formal Mentoring Relationship
b) Cohesive Mentoring Relationship
c) Deliberation Mentoring Relationship
d) Initiation Mentoring Relationship

A process that always involve communication and is relationship based.
a) Commitment
b) Teaching
c) Mentoring
d) Relationship

A personal develpomental relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowlegeable person.
a) Peer
b) Teacher
c) Friends
d) Mentorship

A Male Mentee
a) Protege
b) Masculine
c) Protogee
d) Neuter

A Female Mentee
a) Neuter
b) Protegee
c) Protege
d) Feminine

it is a technique used by mentors in making a commitment in a caring way which involves taking part in the learning process side-by-side with the learner.
a) Sowing
b) Accompanying
c) Catalyzing
d) Harvesting

Refers to assigned relationship, in which the organization oversees and guides the mentoring program.
a) Informal Mentoring Relationship
b) Formal Mentoring Relationship
c) Consecutive Mentoring Relationship
d) Sequence Mentoring Relationship

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