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Which of the objects below orbit the sun?
a) comets
b) planets
c) asteroids
d) All of these objects orbit the sun

Most of the asteroids in the solar system can be found...
a) Orbiting around Saturn as its rings
b) In between Mars and Jupiter
c) Super close to the sun
d) Out beyond Pluto

What are the differences between asteroids and planets?
a) Planets orbit around the sun and asteroids do not
b) Planets are larger and shaped like spheres, while asteroids are smaller and not spherical
c) Planets rotate at a speed much faster than asteroids
d) Asteroids are able to hit Earth, and planets are not

What is actually a "shooting star"?
a) Stars revolving around the sun
b) Meteoroids burning up in Earth's atmosphere
c) Asteroids passing close to Earth
d) Comets streaking by Earth

__________are small pieces of "space junk," _________ are space junk that burns up in Earth's atmosphere, and _________ are space junk that actually reaches Earth's surface
a) meteorites; meteors; asteroids
b) meteors; meteorites; meteoroids
c) asteroids; comets; meteors
d) meteoroids; meteors; meteorites

What is the main difference between meteoroids and asteroids?
a) Asteroids are pieces of comets, whereas meteoroids are pieces of space debris
b) Meteoroids are generally bigger than asteroids
c) Asteroids are generally bigger than meteoroids
d) Asteroids are only found in the "belt" between Mars and Jupiter

What feature of the moon's surface was most likely created by meteorites?
a) Its shape
b) Its craters
c) Its maria
d) Its dust

You're hiking in the Arctic Circle and find a piece of rock. After testing it, you discover that it's from Mars! What's the most likely explanation for how this rock got there?
a) The rock broke off from Mars awhile ago and came to Earth as a meteor
b) Mars and Earth crashed into each other awhile ago, and Mars left some debris behind
c) An alien came and left it on Earth
d) A meteoroid came to Earth on a comet

How do we know if a meteor has made contact with Earth's atmosphere?
a) It burns up and becomes a "shooting star"
b) We find space rock on the ground
c) A species like the dinosaurs die out
d) Humans on Earth die

What is NOT true about asteroids?
a) They have an atmosphere
b) Some have their own little "moons"
c) Some of them have their own names
d) Some are bigger than Pluto

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