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What is the main purpose of this selection?
a) to tell how the world was created
b) to reveal the powers of Elder Brother
c) to describe what butterflies are like
d) to explain why butterflies were created

What does the first paragraph include?
a) information about how butterflies were created
b) information about why the children liked butterflies
c) information about how Elder Brother changed the children
d) information about why Elder Brother decided to create butterflies

What made Elder Brother saddest?
a) leaves falling from the trees
b) the color of flowers fading
c) the idea of children getting old
d) the village without butterflies

Based on the selection, why did Elder Brother make butterflies?
a) as companions for birds
b) to please children
c) to make nature beautiful
d) to decorate the sky

What is true about the materials Elder Brother used to create butterflies?
a) They are from the natural world.
b) They are all bright flowers.
c) They are all fallen leaves.
d) They are from the songbirds’ feathers.

How did the songbirds behave toward Elder Brother when they tried to get their songs back?
a) They got angry.
b) They began to cry.
c) They were humorous.
d) They were reasonable.

What happened when Elder Brother took song away from the butterflies?
a) The children stopped liking the butterflies.
b) The butterflies became sad.
c) The butterflies continued to dance.
d) The children liked the butterflies even more.

Which statement about Elder Brother is most clearly supported by the selection?
a) He was the son of Earth-Maker.
b) He was concerned about children.
c) He created the world from his own skin.
d) He liked butterflies better than birds.

Which of the following relationships is most similar to the relationship - butterflies : dance?
a) gold : sunlight
b) flowers : leaves
c) birds : sing
d) children : happy

How did an idea come to Elder Brother?
a) some fallen yellow leaves dance in the sunlight
b) red and yellow and white and blue of the flowers would fade
c) he saw the children playing
d) leaves of the trees were green and bright

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