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Como esta...?
a) Food tastes...(singular)
b) Food tastes...(plural)
c) How do...taste (plural)?
d) How do...taste (singular)?

Picante means
a) cold
b) hot
c) spicy
d) sour

Frio means
a) spicy
b) freezing
c) hot
d) cold

Como estan...?
a) How do...taste (singular)?
b) How do...taste (plural)?
c) Food tastes...(singular)
d) Food tastes...(plural)

Las papitas son saladas por lo general
a) Potato chips taste salty
b) Potato chips are salty in general
c) Potato chips are sweet in general
d) Potato chips are taste sweet.

Las uvas estan agrias hoy
a) The grapes are always sweet
b) They grapes are sweet today
c) The grapes are always sour
d) The grapes are sour today

Los frijoles
a) beans
b) dessert
c) fries
d) rice

El postre
a) cake
b) poster
c) dessert
d) beans

Dulce means
a) sweet
b) sour
c) healthy
d) hungry

Yo tengo mucha sed y hambre
a) I'm thirsty and hungry
b) I'm very thirsty and hungry
c) I'm very hungry and thirsty
d) I'm hungry and thirsty

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