7th Relgion: Chpts 3-6 Vocab Question Preview (ID: 13841)

Use These Games To Review Chapters 3 Through 6 Of Our Jesus In The NT Book. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

A work done in someone else's name; the work of Christians carried out in the name of Christ
a) mission
b) discourse
c) Torah
d) Kingdom of God

The image used in the bible for enternal life
a) Kingdom of God
b) Torah
c) Sermon on the mount
d) Beatitudes

A type of writing that begins with a dialogue, moves to a monologue, and finial a reflection
a) discourse
b) Sermon on the mount
c) Parable
d) Torah

means turning toward; Turning our hearts toward God
a) conversion
b) Torah
c) discourse
d) mission

Saying of Jesus in John's Gospel showing His divintiy and that He is one with God
a) I am sayings
b) Sermon on the mount
c) discourse
d) Book of Glory

The second part of the Gospel of John including the Passion, death and Resurrention of Jesus
a) Book of Glory
b) Book of Signs
c) Sermon on the mount
d) kingdom of God

The first part of the Gospel of John; Includes many stories of miracles
a) Book of Signs
b) Book of Glory
c) Symbolic Language
d) Semon on the Mount

Images that point to a deeper meaning than the literal meaning of the words
a) symbolic language
b) Book of Signs
c) Discourse
d) Kingdom of God

Part of the Sermon on the Mount; The teaching of Jesus that begin with Blessed are...
a) Beatitudes
b) Symbolic Langauge
c) Discourse
d) Conversion

A type of story Jesus used to teach; has a lesson
a) Parable
b) Beatitudes
c) Discourse
d) Conversion

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