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What is the point underground where an earthquake starts?
a) focus
b) epicenter
c) caldera
d) hot spot

What is the point directly above the focus on the surface of the Earth?
a) convection
b) hot spot
c) epicenter
d) ridge

Which scale measures the total energy released by an earthquake?
a) Moment Magnitude Scale
b) Richter Scale
c) Mercalli Scale
d) Comparing Magnitudes Scale

Which scale measures the size of the seismic waves?
a) Moment Magnitude Scale
b) Mercalli Scale
c) Seismic Scale
d) Richter Scale

What is the name of the hole that is left after a volcano collapses?
a) caldera
b) focus
c) trench
d) ridge

What are the four main layers of the Earth, starting from the center and moving to the surface?
a) inner core, outer core, mantle, crust
b) inner core, outer core, crust, caldera
c) inner core, outer core, magma, metal
d) mantle, crust, magma, lava

On the Moh's hardness scale, which mineral is the softest?
a) quartz
b) diamond
c) talc
d) feldspar

What is the molten rock underground called?
a) molten rock
b) lava
c) magma
d) flow

What is the molten rock that is above ground called?
a) magma
b) flow
c) lava
d) molten rock

Why does the ocean floor sink during suduction?
a) it is not fluid
b) It is more dense
c) it is solid
d) it is less dense

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