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What is a fault?
a) A cracked piece of land that is underground.
b) A mistake made by a person
c) N/A
d) Where the earthquake hits

What is an epicenter?
a) A point right above the ground of the earthquake.
b) Yo mama.
c) An epic about a center.
d) Yo daddy.

What are the type's of faults?
a) Madrid and American Faults
b) Normal Faults, Reverse Faults, and Strikeslip Faults
c) Old and New faults
d) New madrid faults, Madrid faults, Kanses Faults

What is used to measure earthquakes?
a) A size-mo-meter
b) Aftershocks
c) Earthquake scale
d) Seismograph

What section are we learning?
a) Volcanos
b) Earthquakes
c) Geology
d) Earth

What was the largest earthquake?
a) 7.5
b) 9.5
c) 33.3
d) 22.5

What happens after an earthquake?
a) another earthquake
b) After shock
c) A delta is formed
d) the earth is split in half, but not entirely

What is a tsunami?
a) The aftershock of an underwater earthquake
b) A huge wave
c) Lots of water
d) A melted iceberg.

What happens when the earth has uneven heating?
a) Bomb went off
b) Meterorite
c) Earthquake
d) the world wil catch on fire.

With place was hit with a earthquake in 2010?
a) Nuke town
b) Hawley Middle School
c) Alabama
d) Haiti

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