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John is creating images to use on his website. He wants to use a compression that doesn't change the quality. Which type of compression should he use?
a) Lossless
b) Lossy
c) GIF

Joey wanted to add an animated picture to his class website assignment to make it more interesting. What image file type should he use?
a) BMP
c) GIF
d) AI

Susan used her camera on here cell phone to take a photograph of her friends during spring break. She wants to add it to her class website. What file type should be used?
a) TFF
b) JPG
c) BMP
d) GIF

Peter took a trip to Europe over the summer. He is now editing a raster graphic from that trip that will not be put online. What format is best used?
a) BMP
b) JPG
d) GIF

When adjusting the size of a picture you are changing what?
a) Vector Graphics
b) Transparency
c) Portability
d) Aspect Ratio

Austin wants to remove a burned up shack in the background of a picture. Which image editing feature permits him to retouch the photo?
a) Aspect Ratio
b) Cloning
c) Transparency
d) Rotating

Ms. VonB is printing some of her student's projects. Since the images will be printed, they will need:
a) a higher resolution for better print quality
b) a lower resolution for small file size
c) a higher resolution to display on a monitor
d) a lower resolution in order to download faster

Maria is a lawyer who wants to add her logo and signature to her business cards without interfering with the background. This can be done with:
a) Color Depth
b) Compression
c) Portability
d) Transparency

A doctor has his assistance scanning patient documents to have as a digital backup. The file format should not lose any data, which image format would be best to use?
a) GIF
c) PNG
d) AI

Mrs. Holt is creating an image for DECA that will be used in varying sizes and will allow her to scale it without altering the quality. Which image type should be created?
a) Raster Graphics
b) Vector Graphics
c) JPG
d) Lossy Graphics

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