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it is a trigonometric function (opposite over hypotenuse)
a) cosecant
b) cosine
c) secant
d) sine

it is the reciprocal function of cosine
a) cosecant
b) cosine
c) secant
d) sine

The graphs of both sine and cosine
a) asymptote
b) hyperbola
c) parabola
d) sinusoid

it is a part on an angle that goes anywhere and defines the angle
a) initial side
b) terminal side
c) quadrant
d) rays

the smallest angle between the terminal side and the x-axis.
a) central angle
b) interior angle
c) reference angle
d) right angle

All of these are use for measuring angles, EXCEPT_________
a) degree measure
b) rotation
c) radian measure
d) revolution

It is a way to remember the definitions of the three most common trigonometry functions: sin, cos and tan.

_________is an angle which terminal side is lying along an x or y axis.
a) central angle
b) coordinatal angle
c) quadrantal angle
d) reference angle

what is the reference angle of 370 degree (in degree measure)
a) 10 degree
b) 20 degree
c) 70 degree
d) 360 degree

find the measure of angle C if if anlge B and agle A is equals to 45 degree
a) 60 degree
b) 70 degree
c) 80 degree
d) 90 degree

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