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This plant part prevents water loss.
a) cuticle
b) stem
c) rhizomes
d) leaf

These openings in the plant leaves allow for exchange of gasses.
a) cuticle
b) guard cells
c) stomata
d) leaf

This type of tissue is used to conduct water and nutrients through plants.
a) Vascular tissue
b) coniferous tissue
c) veriform tissue
d) meristematic tissue

What is NOT part of the seed?
a) Embryo
b) seed coat
c) rhizome
d) Nutritive substance

What is the life cycle of plants?
a) Alternation of Generations
b) The sporophyte cycle
c) The circle of life
d) Alteration of Generations

What plant structure produces spores?
a) Sporangia
b) sorus
c) sporozoa
d) bryophyta

A cluster of sporangia is called __________________.
a) Spores
b) Sorus
c) Sporozoa
d) Bryophyta

What is the term for plants that complete their life cycle in one year?
a) Annual
b) Conifer
c) Perennial
d) Biennial

What is the term for plants that live for several years?
a) Annual
b) Conifer
c) Perennial
d) Biennial

Plant group that uses cones for reproduction and includes trees like pine, fir, and spruce.
a) Conifer
b) Gnetophytes
c) cycads
d) Ginkgo

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