6th Grade: Vocab For Plate Tectonics Question Preview (ID: 13669)

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melted rock that is found under the surface
a) magma
b) lava
c) uplift
d) repel

to get pulled apart; similar poles on a magnet do this
a) repel
b) attract
c) uplift
d) magma

shaking of the Earth's crust
a) earthquake
b) volcano
c) Magma
d) uplift

Weak spot on the crust where magma comes to the surface
a) volcano
b) uplift
c) earthquake
d) attract

Melted rock found on the surface
a) lava
b) magma
c) uplift
d) volcano

Which prefix means inside?
a) Endo
b) Exo
c) Genesis
d) Bio

The outer most layer of the Earth is called what?
a) Crust
b) uplift
c) magma
d) core

Which prefix means outside?
a) exo
b) endo
c) genesis
d) bio

To get pulled together; Opposite poles do this
a) attract
b) repel
c) uplift
d) magma

pushing up of the crust
a) uplift
b) mantle
c) crust
d) lava

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