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What are divergent plate boundaries?
a) Plates that separate
b) Plates that come together
c) Plates that slide past each other
d) Plates that jump over each other

The type of plate boundary that can cause rift valleys and sea floor spreading is...
a) Divergent
b) Convergent
c) Transform
d) Digressive

Where would you most likely find a mountain?
a) At convergent boundaries
b) At divergent boundaries
c) At transform boundaries
d) At transverse boundaries

A place where two plates slide back and forth past each other is called a
a) transform plate boundary
b) convergent plate boundary
c) divergent plate boundary
d) transverse plate boundary

When one plate slides under another one, it is called
a) subduction
b) divergent
c) deduction
d) rifting

When two plates come together, it is called a
a) convergent plate boundary
b) divergent plate boundary
c) transform plate boundary
d) medium plate boundary

Where would you most likely find an earthquake occuring?
a) Transform plate boundaries
b) Divergent plate boundaries
c) Transverse plate boundaries
d) Under the oceans

Magma that is on the surface is called
a) lava
b) magma
c) subduction
d) rifts

Two plates separating (going apart) from each other are called
a) divergent plate boundaries
b) convergent plate boundaries
c) transform plate boundaries
d) subduction plate boundaries

Why are understanding the plates of the Earth important?
a) It helps us understand geological events like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.
b) It helps us understand why hurricanes happen.
c) It helps us see the inner core.
d) It helps us understand what makes up magma.

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