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bank After we went fishing in the river, we had a picnic on the bank.
a) the land along a body of water
b) a steep incline or hill
c) a place of financial buisiness
d) the angle a airplane makes as it turns

store After the holiday, we will store the decorations in the attic.
a) put away for future use
b) fill
c) supply goods
d) sell

staple The staple was not large enough to hold the pages of the manuscript together.
a) piece of wire used to fasten papers together
b) raw material
c) basic food item
d) main feature or element of something

course The runner mapped her course before she began her cross-country run.
a) route
b) class
c) part of a meal
d) where gulf is played

a) excitement
b) danger
c) scholar of Greece
d) understanding

a) source of knowledge
b) excitement
c) danger
d) understanding

a) danger
b) excitement
c) scholar of Greece
d) understanding

a) understanding
b) excitement
c) danger
d) sudden

a) sudden
b) excitement
c) danger
d) understanding

tip The business traveler left a generous tip for the waiter in the restaurant.
a) a bit of money for a service
b) the pointed end of an object
c) a light blow or tap
d) helpful information or a hint

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