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What does "Toshi opens his presents at a turtle's pace compared to Tim" mean?
a) he opens them more slowly than Tim
b) he opens them faster than Tim
c) he opens them as fast as Tim
d) he makes Tim open them

This story has a purpose: TO INFORM. Of what idea is the story informing the reader?
a) Though Toshi is adopted, he and Tim are as close as any brothers can be
b) Tim is the more valued brother because he is biological.
c) Toshi is cared about more because he is adopted
d) Because Toshi is adopted, he is not really close to Tim

What makes Tim and Toshi brothers?
a) Toshi was adopted by the family when both he and Tim were babies.
b) Tim and Toshi are twins.
c) Tim was adopted into the family when both he and Toshi were babies.
d) They were both adopted by the same family.

When most people first meet Tim and Toshi, what can they NOT believe?
a) Two boys who look so different can be brothers
b) How two real brothers can look so different
c) Tim and Toshi must just be close friends
d) That there is a story as to how Tim and Toshi began life together

How are Tim and Toshi different as students?
a) Tim likes history; Toshi likes science
b) Tim likes homework; Toshi does not
c) Toshi likes cooking class; Tim likes eating
d) Toshi skips school; Tim does not

"Tim and Toshi are brothers who do not look alike"...Choose what would complete the BEST summary:
a) Toshi is adopted, but they are very close, they like sports and school, and they share birthdays.
b) They are both adopted but have birthdays together in July.
c) They share a bedroom, walk to school together, and do everything together.
d) Both like to read mysteries.

What theme can you infer from this story?
a) Adopted children can become an important part of a family
b) Brothers bond more closely than sisters
c) Looking alike is more important than enjoying one another
d) You should adopt a child in the future

What quote best shows that Tim feels positive toward Toshi?
a) Tim is "proud to have a brother like Toshi."
b) "The boys love to play outside."
c) "Tim and Toshi are sad to see the end of summer"
d) Tim "can hardly imagine not having Toshi around."

Tim has a favorite game, which is:
a) baseball
b) soccer
c) board games
d) hide-and-seek

When it comes to reading,
a) both boys are very interested in mysteries and their favorite school subjects
b) Toshi likes to read, Tim does not
c) neither boy is interested
d) the boys often ask their parents to read to them

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