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Why does Elisa believe she was a psychic?
a) A correct prediction led Elisa to believe she was a psychic
b) Bonnie Blackwell convinced Elisa
c) The narrator told Elisa she was a psychic
d) When Elisa realized the school was evacuated as a prank

What is the best paraphrase for the narrator\\\'s conclusion?
a) Elisa sulked when she learned that her prediction was incorrect; she will probably get a new hobby
b) Elisa was correct about the school being hit by lightning; she will be a professional psychic
c) Bonnie moved due to family reasons; Elisa will give up on her psychic powers
d) Elisa correctly predicted Bonnie would move and will now be a professional psychic

What is the best description for the SETTING of this story?
a) the school
b) the house where Elisa lived
c) the house of the narrator
d) Bonnie

How are Elisa and the narrator similar?
a) For a time, they both believe that Elisa has psychic powers
b) They both pulled the fire alarm
c) They are both skeptical about any psychic powers Elisa has
d) They both have psychic powers

Best alternative for the first three words of this sentence: In typical fashion, time kept moving and I picked up my backpack.
a) As usual
b) At once
c) From now on
d) For a short period

Best definition for poring, as in: Elisa was still poring over the pink cloud connection.
a) pondering
b) not having money
c) raining heavily
d) uttering

Why does the narrator doubt that Elisa was actually a psychic?
a) Elisa makes predictions that have reasonable explanations.
b) Elisa predicts things that no one else foresees
c) Elisa predicts the school will be struck by a natural disaster
d) Elisa predicts events that actually happen

What might have caused the narrator to believe Elisa was psychic?
a) The narrator is startled while napping.
b) The narrator cares about Elisa, who is a friend.
c) The narrator is simply tired of hearing Elisa make predictions and gives in.
d) The narrator believes that Elisa is a psychic.

Which event happened first?
a) Elisa predicts that Bonnie would be gone by winter break.
b) Elisa predicts the school would be struck by lightning
c) Elisa interprets a dream
d) Elisa gave up on the idea of being psychic

Choose the root word of SYMBOLIZE.
a) symbol
b) sym
c) simple
d) symbolic

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