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A real person's life story written by a someone other than the person is called
a) a biography
b) a memoir
c) an autobiography
d) boring

Types of nonfiction writing include which of the following?
a) the Wimpy Kid book series (because Wimpy Kids do exist)
b) realistic fiction
c) letters
d) horror and space fiction

If you organize your nonfiction essay in time-order, it is called
a) then and now
b) chronological
c) old news
d) cause and effect

A nonfiction author can demonstrate an attitude toward his/her subject by
a) injecting mood into the story
b) criticizing the topic
c) adding smiley or frowny faces
d) using a certain tone in the writing of the passage

Nonfiction texts you find in newspapers, online, on TV/radio, and in magazines are called
a) media accounts
b) entertainment
c) imaginative nonfiction
d) shouting pundits

The term "blog" is short for
a) Bob Loblaw
b) webelos' writing
c) anything being called a text
d) web log

When an author exposes something that is wrong, then suggests how to fix it, that's
a) very nice for everyone
b) compare and contrast
c) using problem and solution organization
d) too bossy for my taste

Real-life experiences described in nonfiction essays are of which type...?
a) narrative
b) persuasive
c) expository
d) blog entry

You have just completed your life story, a future best-seller! It is called
a) an epic poem
b) an autobiography
c) a personal journal
d) persuasive writing

A tenderly written, first-person story capturing the essence of a period of one's life is
a) a newspaper account
b) Wikipedia entry
c) a memoir
d) a graphic novel

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