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In humans, most gas exchange occurs between the
a) excretory tubules and body cells
b) arteries and body cells
c) skin and air
d) alveoli and capillaries

In humans, which structure prevents food from entering the trachea?
a) epiglottis
b) alveolus
c) mucus membrane
d) cartilage ring

An increase in breathing rate can be triggered by an increase in the
a) carbon dioxide content of the blood
b) oxygen content of the atmosphere
c) number of platelets in the blood
d) number of red blood cells

Which malfunction of the human body is characterized by an enlargement and degeneration of the alveoli, resulting in decreased lung capacity?
a) cerebral palsy
b) coronary thrombosis
c) emphysema
d) leukemia

When humans exhale, air passes from the trachea directly into the
a) bronchioles
b) alveoli
c) bronchi
d) pharynx

An allergic reaction characterized by the constriction of bronchial tubes is known as
a) coronary thrombosis
b) arthritis
c) asthma
d) emphysema

Which structures in the nasal cavity remove some bacteria and dust from outside air before it enters the lungs?
a) rings of cartilage
b) lymph nodes
c) thin, moist alveoli
d) ciliated mucus membranes

A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to dry air. Which part of the human respiratory system has the same function?
a) nasal cavity
b) epiglottis
c) diaphragm
d) cartilage rings

Which part of the human respiratory system is correctly paired with a description of its structure?
a) alveolus--microscopic sac containing rings of cartilage and ciliated membranes
b) pharynx--cavity lined with flagellated mucus membranes
c) bronchiole--small branching tubule lacking cartilaginous rings
d) trachea--thin, moist membrane surrounded by capillaries

Which statement best describes the function of the respiratory passageways of a human?
a) They permit digestive end-products to make contact with body cells
b) They permit exchange between the external atmosphere and the circulatory system
c) They transport gaseous cellular wastes from body cells to the lungs for excretion
d) They regulate the amount of ammonia and salt dissolved in body fluids

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