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He pressed the TV\'s ______ button so he could answer the phone.
a) mute
b) commemorates
c) wreak
d) elite

The lawyer was an _____ for his client\'s innocence.
a) advocate
b) turmoil
c) flagrant
d) atrocity

The high flood waters _________ destruction on the neighborhood.
a) wreaked
b) dialect
c) wreaks
d) turmoil

The new paint and carpet ______ the looks of our family room.
a) enhanced
b) commemorated
c) muted
d) advocated

The _________ of the city lived in better houses and attended better schools.
a) elite
b) dialect
c) commemorate
d) advocates

We were shocked when we read about the _______ in the prisoner of war camps.
a) atrocities
b) enhances
c) flagrants
d) wreak

Every language has different _______.
a) dialects
b) advocates
c) turmoil
d) commemorate

Martin\'s continual tardiness was a _______ abuse against school rules.
a) flagrant
b) wreak
c) turmoil
d) atrocity

The high school had a solemn ceremony to ________ their classmate\'s life.
a) commemorate
b) wreak
c) advocate
d) mute

There was great ______ among the people when the enemy advanced towards them.
a) turmoil
b) flagrants
c) advocates
d) wreak

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