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In addition to water, the principal components of urine are
a) amino acids and fatty acids
b) urea and salts
c) ammonia and bile
d) hydrochloric acid and bases

The nephron is the structural unit of the human
a) lung
b) liver
c) kidney
d) intestine

In humans, the ureter transports urine from the
a) blood to the kidney
b) liver to the kidney
c) kidney to the urinary bladder
d) urinary bladder outside of the body

The correct pathway for urine to flow out of the body is
a) bladder--ureter--kidney--urethra
b) kidney--ureter--bladder--urethra
c) urethra--bladder--kidney--ureter
d) kidney--urethra--bladder--ureter

What is the main function of a nephron?
a) It regulates the chemical composition of the blood
b) It breaks down red blood cells to form nitrogenous wastes
c) It forms urea from the waste products of protein metabolism
d) It absorbs digested food from the contents of the small intestine.

After reabsorption in nephrons is completed, the fluid that is left in the tubules is transported to the
a) urinary bladder
b) Bowman's capsule
c) bile duct
d) circulatory system

In humans, the organ that most directly regulates the concentration of water in the blood is the
a) kidney
b) heart
c) liver
d) pancreas

In humans, which substances are normally filtered out of the blood by the nephrons and then excreted?
a) urea, water, and mineral salts
b) water, carbon dioxide, and glucose
c) water, glycogen, and urea
d) glucose, water, and red blood cells

A disorder that causes narrowing of the urethra would interfere most directly with the
a) release of fluid from the urinary bladder
b) release of bile from the gallbladder
c) maturation of gametes in the gonads
d) pumping of blood out of the heart

in humans, the immediate result of a blockage in one ureter would be to
a) decrease the amount of urine entering the bladder
b) limit the ability to store urine
c) prevent filtration of the blood
d) stop the relase of urine from the body

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