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Why doesn't Squeaky know much about Gretchen?
a) Squeaky refuses to watch.
b) Squeaky hasn't met Gretchen yet.
c) Gretchen was too shy to run in races before.
d) Gretchen is new to the neighborhood.

On May Day, Squeaky comes late because she wants to
a) miss the May Pole dancing.
b) practice before the race.
c) avoid Mr. Pearson.
d) make a grand entrance.

When does Squeaky realize Raymond could be a very fine runner?
a) climb over the fence.
b) drive his mule team.
c) do breating exercises.
d) holler from the swings.

According to Squeaky, Cynthia Procter wants to “let you know she ain’t thinking about the test” (p. 39) because she wants people to think
a) she would rather be playing the piano.
b) she is so smart she doesn't need to study.
c) she is just like everyone else.
d) she is bad at spelling tests.

When Mr. Pearson tells Squeaky, “Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture if you were . . . to ahhh . . .” (p. 43), he is suggesting that she should
a) stop calling him Beanstalk.
b) smile at the other girls.
c) let Gretchen win the race.
d) congratulate the winners of the earlier races.

After the race, when Gretchen smiles at Squeaky, it shows that Gretchen
a) would like to help Squeaky coach Raymond.
b) is embarrassed because she came in second.
c) is just pretending to be friendly.
d) admires good running when she sees it.

When Raymond has fits of fantasy it means he
a) goes wading.
b) imagines things.
c) breathes irregularly.
d) does something dangerous.

What happens after the fifty-yard dash ends?
a) Mary Louise insults Raymond.
b) Mr. Pearson says the race is tied.
c) Raymond pretends to drive a stagecoach.
d) Squeaky and Gretchen stare at each other.

Throughout the story, the author creates suspense about which of the following questions?
a) Wil Raymond get something to call his own?
b) Will Gretchen act like a professional runner?
c) Will Squeaky win the May Day race?
d) Will one of the girls start a fight?

We know that Squeaky got her nickname because of her voice. Why is she also called Mercury
a) because she's the swiftest thing in the neighborhood
b) because she's a little girl with skinny arms
c) because she lives on Mercury Street

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