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After one species disappears, the other species in the ecosystem
a) are unnaffected
b) are better off without the species
c) are out of balance
d) always decrease in number

Which of the following are abiotic factors?
a) water, temperature, soil, sunlight
b) water, lions, deer, grasshoppers
c) tigers, pigeons, oak trees
d) grass, temperature, bacteria

Which of the following is a symbiotic relationship where organisms help each other?
a) commensalism
b) predation
c) parasitism
d) mutualism

A bird eats a worm. Who is the predator?
a) the worm
b) both
c) neither
d) the bird

When is food a limiting factor?
a) when the amount of food is great
b) when a population is large
c) when populations are small
d) food is never a limiting factor

Young wasps eat a tomato hornworm that is their host. What is this an example of?
a) parasitism
b) environmentalism
c) mutualism
d) commensalism

Without wolves, a biome could have
a) too many predators
b) too many large animals
c) too many deer
d) an abundance of resources

Name a key abiotic factor in rivers.
a) speed of water
b) mammals
c) fish
d) river grasses

Herbiovores, carnivores and omnivores are all
a) predators
b) parasites
c) consumers
d) prey

On a food web some organisms have arrows pointing toward them, but not away from them
a) this is because they are at the bottom of the food web
b) this is because nothing on the web eats them
c) this is because they are abiotic factors
d) this is because they are producers

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