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These Are Misc. Review Questions About Electricity And Magnetism. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

This device is used for demonstrations of Static discharge
a) Van De Graaff Generator
b) Van Allen Generator
c) Electroscope
d) Inducer

The positive and negative ends on a battery are called this.
a) terminals
b) posts
c) generators
d) poles

This is the type of electricty that comes out of our wall sockets.
a) Alternating Current
b) Direct Current
c) Static Electricity
d) all of these answers

What is the Greek Letter that can be used to represent the unit for Resistance
a) Omega
b) Alpha
c) Beta
d) Zeta

He is credited with making up the designations positive and negative. (Hint: Think kites)
a) Ben Franklin
b) Michael Faraday
c) Joseph Henry
d) Sir William Gilbert

This material can become a magnetic.
a) all of these answers
b) Iron
c) Nickel
d) Cobalt

This is to water as voltage is to electricity.
a) pressure
b) current
c) resistance
d) all of these answers

Electricity travels from:
a) Positive terminal to Negative terminal
b) North pole to South pole
c) Southe pole to North pole
d) Negative terminal to Positive terminal

When you put a piece of iron in a magnetic field:
a) all of these answers
b) it alligns the domains in the iron
c) it induces magnetism in the nail
d) make the nail produce it's own magnetic field

The parts of a battery that go into the electrolyte are:
a) the electrodes
b) the terminals
c) the poles
d) none of these answers

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