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This is the name for the Law that states that opposites attract and likes repel.
a) The Law of Electric Charge
b) The Conservation of Charge Law
c) Ohm's Law
d) Newton's 1st Law

These are the particles that actually move from one object to another when transferring a charge.
a) electrons
b) protons
c) neutrons
d) nucleus

Lightning and shocking someone are examples of this.
a) static discharge
b) magnetic declination
c) alternating current
d) magnetic induction

This type of lightning is the most rare of the three types we discussed in class.
a) Earth to cloud
b) cloud to Earth
c) cloud to cloud
d) cloud to lightning rod

This is process of giving something a static charge without even touching it.
a) induction
b) conduction
c) reduction
d) production

V=I x R is also known as this.
a) Ohm's Law
b) The Law of Electric Charge
c) Voltage Law
d) Amperes

This is another name for potential difference.
a) voltage
b) current
c) resistance
d) magnetic induction

This the unit for Electric Current.
a) Amperes
b) Volts
c) Ohms
d) Joules

Since V=I x R, what is voltage of a battery that sends out 6 Amps of Current through 2 Ohms of Resistance?
a) 12 Volts
b) 3 Volts
c) 1/3 Joules
d) 12 Joules

This is a characteristics of a good conductive wire.
a) made of copper
b) short in length
c) wide in diameter
d) these are all good characteristics

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