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to keep or refrain from, TYPICALLY refraining from drugs, sex and alcohol
a) Abstinence
b) Conundrum
c) Asylum
d) Bigoted

This character from Speak could be considered a bigot.
a) Mr. Freeman
b) Andy Evans
c) Melinda
d) Mr. Neck

Blathers means...
a) to talk foolishness; speaks nonsense
b) affected with madness or insanity
c) a riddle, especially one with a double meaning
d) intolerant; narrow-minded; blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant

Meeting halfway or in the middle, or coming to terms by giving up part of a claim is what?
a) Demented
b) Abysmal
c) Compromise
d) Conundrum

Beaten repeatedly with heavy blows is what?
a) Battered
b) Delinquency
c) Bigoted
d) Asphyxiated

A Delinquent (delinquency) is someone who has
a) failed to do a duty, or has neglected an obligation
b) extremely bad tendencies, so much so that they get charged with a crime
c) committed a crime more serious than a misdemeanor
d) been affected with madness or insanity

Who is somewhat demented in our story, for obvious reasons?
a) Heather
b) Andy Evans
c) Melinda
d) Mr. Neck

A conundrum is..
a) a way people meet in the middle or halfway to solve an issue
b) a riddle, especially one with a double meaning
c) a hospital for the mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
d) a miserable; extremely hopeless or wretched place that is immeasurably great

The word for affected with madness or insanity is what?
a) Demure
b) Battered
c) Abysmal
d) Demented

Asphyxiated means...
a) suffocated because of lack of oxygen in the blood
b) intolerant or narrow-minded
c) loosing all sight and hearing due to loss of blood
d) suffocated by strangulation

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