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You are taking a trip, you may need to bring
a) a dictionary
b) an atlas
c) an encyclopedia
d) an almanac

If you wanted to know who the president was in 1972 you could look in
a) a dictionary
b) a thesaurus
c) an almanac
d) an atlas

You are researching Laura Ingalls Wilder. You should use
a) a glossary
b) an encyclopedia
c) an almanac
d) a dictionary

Which would I use to find a synonym for great ?
a) dictionary
b) encyclopedia
c) thesaurus
d) atlas

Which is not an example of a graphic?
a) a heading
b) a table
c) a map
d) a picture

A fact is
a) someone's feelings
b) easy to prove
c) how you feel

Opinions are
a) factual information
b) easy to prove
c) someone's feelings about something

Headings and subheadings
a) give opinions
b) help organize information
c) waste space

Dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, atlas
a) fiction
b) fairy tale
c) reference material
d) book report

Bold words are used to
a) make the page look good
b) distract the reader
c) draw the attention of the reader

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