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Which surface of the Earth receives the most direct sunlight?
a) The Equator
b) The North Pole
c) The South Pole
d) The Subtropics

On a hot summer day air rises most quickly above a...
a) Dry barren area
b) Wet plantlike area
c) Mountain Tops
d) Rural grassland area

The main cause of global convection currents is...
a) Having cold, cool, warm and hot air caused by uneven heating from the Sun
b) deforestation
c) global warming
d) pollution, causing an increase of CO2 emmissions and greenhouse gasses

Hot air rises and cold air falls because
a) The air is affected by the amount of mass by the amount of space it takes up - density
b) Hot air rises and cold air falls because there is convection
c) Wetter air is cooler and therefore causes the masses of air to move
d) Land and Sea breezes are caused by uneven heating of the Sun

Which of the following is an effect of uneven heating of the Sun
a) Land and Sea Breezes and Convection currents
b) Warm and Cooling of Magma
c) The trophosphere and the stratosphere
d) Cumulus, Nimbus and Stratus Clouds

In most cases a Hurricane will...
a) increase its energy when over warm water
b) increase its energy when over cold water
c) increase its energy when over cold land
d) increase its energy when over warm land

During the time of El Nino...
a) there is an increase of warm water outside of South America
b) there is an increase of cold water in the Northern Hemisphere
c) there is an interaction with cold water in La Nina
d) the trade winds increase in speed.

When we have an El Nino climate it is possible for
a) the trade winds to change directions
b) the trade winds to increase in speed
c) the trade winds to accelerate
d) Law number 1, 1, 1 (now it's stuck in your head bahahaha)

Which of the following acronyms tells you how winds travel through the North to South poles?
a) E (->) W (<-) T(<-) T(<-) W(<-) E(->)
b) E (->) E (->) E (->) E (->) E (->) E (->)
c) W (<-) W (<-) W (<-) W (<-) W (<-) W (<-)
d) T(<-) T(<-) T(<-) T(<-) T(<-) T(<-) T(<-)

Winds move in bands due to
a) The Coriolis Effect
b) The Earth's revolutions
c) The location of Mountains
d) Plate Tectonics

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